The road so far…

I am so slacking on keeping this up to date.

I am still engaged and madly in love with my fiance.  We have been living together for almost 6 months now and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  The other best decision was dating him in the first place.  I feel so much better now that I am not living with my father.  Not that living with my father and his wife was the worst thing in the world, trust me there are people who have it thousands of times worse than me, I had a place to rest my head at night.  But this place feels more like home. He feels more like home.  Like tonight, before I got out of bed and decided to type to all of you, I laid there watching him sleep and it just seemed like this, this is where I belong.  I mean we are not perfect, we do fight and push each others buttons, and when we push them too much we realize and correct the issue and we are never too proud to say “I’m sorry”.  We are still working out the quirks of our relationship.

We still have not set a date for the wedding.  First his plan was he wanted me to take and pass the MTEL test that I have mentioned in previous posts I have yet to pass, finish my degree and then we would start planning the wedding.  Now it seems like the plan is, if we haven’t had a wedding by my 26th birthday we are elope, and then have the big wedding later on so as to not upset our families.  The reason behind the elopement is that when we turn 26 we are kicked off our families insurance. The daycare doesn’t provide insurance and my retail job’s insurance is not great, however, his company has a good benefits package and I will be 26 before he will.

I am still working two jobs.  At the child care center that I work at I am per diem.  And for a while I was not getting very many hours.  But with more students being enrolled more eyes are needed on the children.  We have even been talking about expanding to allow more children, which will again require more hands on deck on a daily basis.  My boss really seems to enjoy having me on her team and has talked about me gaining some more hours, but with two other new teachers on staff she has to share the coverage.  And because of the fact that I am per diem and they can and have called me to come in later in the day I must have a second job so I have not been able to quit my retail job.  I however have told my retail job that I am not available to work on Saturdays (to which they were not happy and whined about) as that is my day to clean, do laundry, or simply sleep in and do nothing.

I am going to let you go and curl back up with the man I love.


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