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Six months of changes

In the last six months i have gotten engaged, temporarily left college, got a job in my field, blew up a car, replaced my car, and finally moved out.

I got engaged!!!!!  He took me back to where we had our first date, where we hadn’t gone to since our first date.  To the exact same spot where we had that first picnic date.  We had our sandwiches and watched the geese and ducks in the pond/lake.  He did the whole get down on one knee thing and asked.  And of course i said yes.  I am in love with the man and the ring(even though I have had it altered a little to better protect the stone).  No date yet.  But not in a huge rush to do so.

So, I am not in college right now.  After 5 years in college I have to take some time off before I can finish.  If you are aware both Texas and Massachusetts require that all future teachers pass a series of multiple choice/short answer standardized tests to prove that you are a competent teacher(because everyone is good at taking tests).  Well I had one last test that I haven’t passed.  I took the test twice during this summer, the first time I was nine points from meeting the requirement to pass.  So as soon as I saw I was nine points from passing, I quickly re-scheduled the test.  Mind you it cost each time you take this test.  On try number 4 I missed it by ONE LOUSY POINT.  And I have not rescheduled it again.  And until I take and pass this last test I can not take the last remaining courses.

Because of the fact that I am not currently in school I told Walmart that I work at that I want full time(last summer I put in that I wanted to be a full time associate and they never actually put me in as full time, but was giving me the hours as if I was.) because of the fact that I am not in school.  Well Walmart being Walmart was giving me hours but not what I was wanting for hours usually just under 30 hours a week. One of my new family friends told me that her friend had a day care and could use some help, so I got the phone number from her and called and had an interview a week later and two weeks after that I was in the classroom and I LOVE IT.  I love the staff I am working with and I love the children I get to play with.

So i got a new to me but still old car back in April.  During the summer I realized that the A/C and heater wasn’t working right but I wasn’t concerned I had power windows and I didn’t really need heat right then and there.  As fall came I informed my dad and brother that I was going to need to bring the car in for the heat issue.  They looked at it and said they thought it was just a bad temp gage and that she was low on coolant.  Well one day the car became sputter-y so into the shop it went.  Come to find out I had a blown head gasket.  So they told me to just keep dumping water and coolant in until you can replace it engine or find some one who could replace the blown gasket for a reasonable price.  While I was looking for cars and engines I drove the car, jug of water on days where it wasn’t got to be super cold out and coolant on the other days.  Well the Saturday before Turkey day the car finally gave up.  On the highway.  On my way to work.  So I called a few garages since I knew of a motor that might hold me over until I could do something else.  No one could get me in anytime soon or did not have the equipment.  While I was doing that search it came to my attention that the rockers were rotting.  So, my best option was to sell my car for scrap and buy another car.  I was able to donate my car to Kars4kids and I am leasing a 2016 Kia Forte.

Last week.  The week before Christmas I moved out of my fathers house and into an apartment with my fiance.  We are still in the process of settling into out new home.  Now that the holidays are behind us we can try and get more settled.