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Two years ago…

Two years ago today, It was one of the best and worse days of my life.  Today was the day my then boyfriend stood me up for the last time.  It was the last day I got to work with my best friend.  But it was also the first time I was able to let him in on what was really going on in my life with my relationship.  I had kept him out of knowing what was going on because I knew he liked me and I was having some feelings for him.  I did not want him to feel like he was the one pushing the boyfriend and I away.  Two years ago today he finally saw a glimpse of my pain.  He had known that the boyfriend and I had plans to hang out and when the two of us took our meal breaks he could see it on my face that I was not okay.  I told him I would talk about it later (Because I did not want some of the other people at work to really be in on my business and I had a feeling that when I opened up down the flood gates would go)  After I got out of work that day I figured both my best friend and I needed to go for a ride, since he lost his job over an irate customer and I had just had a bad day.  So I picked him up and I drove.  I don’t even remember where we ended up but we just drove and talked.  He told me about getting fired and I talked about how I was unhappy in my relationship because at that point I knew that it was over.  We then turned around and went back and just hung out at his house we watched a few movies and I got to cuddle with one of his cats.  I did not hear from the ex all night or even the next day, at least until I had him call me after work to break up.

Another very good friend and co-worker of mine did know what was going on between the boyfriend and I because he just sensed that I was not my usual self one night.  It just happens that two years ago today I was working with this good friend of mine and from the start of our shift he knew I was upset.  He saw the hurt when the boyfriend came over and talked to him and basically ignored me and what he had done.  This friend saw me brush off the hurt when the boyfriend finally came by to say he overslept.  My friend also took the broomstick I was using to get all the stuff out from under the shelves away because he did not want me to use it on the boyfriend, even though I had promised I wouldn’t hit him with it (There are far better things I could hit the boyfriend with).

As of today, i have a boyfriend that i love,  my best friend has a full time job that he loves and he has me to call his girlfriend.  The ex and I are starting to have a civil relationship, as in when he sees me he will at least say hi and we can carry a conversation instead of him just glaring at me.