I hope he buys you flowers I hope he holds your hand Give you all his hours When he has the chance Take you to every party ‘Cause I remember how much you loved to dance Do all the things I should have done When I was your man

So I haven’t published anything in a while.  However a lot has happened since.  Valentines day came and went, Had a very interesting week that started with my ex’s girlfriend messaging me. And the boyfriend leaving college.

So lets start with Valentines day.  Even though I have had significant others for nearly a decade (Holy crap I have been dating for almost a decade! 0.o) I find the “holiday” to be superficial.  I don’t need a day to tell those I love that they are special to me.  However I did do up something for the boyfriend, two of our best friends and for his sister.  We had a stay in date at his parents house when he got out of work.  I dressed up a little because why not.  I made him fresh cookies that morning and made him chocolate covered bananas(Which I do not recommend doing in any larger batches than half of a banana at a time because they thaw too fast.  Tossed first batch because the bananas went bad did half batch next time and throw back into freezer as soon as dipped) and he also got a Little Critter book because we both grew up reading the books and I am an Early Childhood Educator.  He got me Cool Ranch Doritos peanut M&Ms and with his mothers help made me a delicious spiral ham with her recipe glaze.  Everyone else got homemade candy mustaches, lips and heart-shaped lollipops.

Last week shortly after waking up I checked my facebook page as I normally do and noticed I have a facebook message, so I check it out it is the girl who is dating my ex and it simply says “Hi.” so I reply back with a ‘hi’, after a few minutes of nothing I ask ‘what’s up?’  She replies that he broke up with her and wanted to know what caused me to break up with him because she is having doubts that what he told her may not in fact be true, so I told her what I tell anyone who asks me what happened between the two of us who doesn’t really know us, ‘I wasn’t happy, he did not make me happy, he made some promises that he never kept’.  Apparently he was not happy with their relationship moved out and back to his aunts and shut off her phone when he did.  So being the person I am I told her that I was sorry it didn’t work out and that I am always here if she needs to talk because I dated him for 5.5 years, I kind of know him.  We then spent the next few hours chatting about him and things he has done, mostly her venting.  A few days later I get a text from HIM asking if I have been talking to her, because she told him that I had been telling her things.  Mind you he and I have not said a word in 2 years.  He had taken some of her stuff when he moved out and was giving her a hard time giving it back to her.  So she was trying to hurt him.  The best part is she did not really have any good dirt on him from me.  I however have a bunch of dirt from her about him.  The only thing I told her was that for the last few years he forgot to get me a present for my birthday/anniversary.  Which I told him I told her.  He ended up apologizing for that and how our relationship was and saying that he learned from our break-up. He and I ended talking for another couple of hours talking about our jobs and his aunt who is very sick.  He asked me how my current boyfriend and I are(Who the ex swears I was dating when I was still with the ex), I was like, we are good.  He then asked “Does he remember things?”  to which I chuckled a little, I was like yah, for the most part, has a hard time with remembering my whole family(It is a very big family),  to which the ex replied does he at least remember the important stuff?, I was like yah.  And to be honest it was very nice to talk to him for once, even if it was probably just to see what his ex girlfriends have been telling each other.

So, my boyfriend is leaving college, in fact he has already withdrawn from the college.  To start working doing what he was going to school to learn to do, full-time.  A company had an opening near here and the boyfriend wanting to get out of school and start actually working doing what he loves applied.  He had his first interview the middle of the week and they told him they would let him know by the end of the week if he  will be meeting with the boss via video chat for a second interview.  Not even a few hours later he got a phone call asking if he could come back in a couple of days for that interview.  about an hour or two after his second interview he got the call that they wanted him.

Now comes the next chapter in our lives.  Maybe some time before too long I may be moving out of my parent’s house and out on my own, well out and in with the boyfriend.


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